Is Cannabis Essential During COVID-19 Outbreak? Yes, you Made us this way!

Curbside Pickup Cannabis

“Give me all your money” a career criminal shouts in a dark alley as the dealer takes off… Thank god those days are over, but they may be coming back if the government and local municipalities don’t work with dispensaries throughout the legalized states!!!

We should not be discussing if dispensaries are to be open during the crisis, of course they should be open. Many people in those states depend on the dispensaries to stay open so they can get what medicine they need. what are they supposed do if the dispensaries shut down? Get robbed by some burned out rapper down on his luck, man would that suck if thats what we are going back to. From what i can read and from what i am seeing, thats not the case though. No doubt, at first the dispensaries were closed and man people were pissed, if something didn’t give shortly, i’m sure rioting in the street would have broken out, “we want weed”, “we want weed” would have been chanted in the streets by dreadlock touting rasta’s and arthritis afflicted grandmothers alike!

In my opinion, if you want people to stay away from each other, the cannabis stores are the FIRST spot you make essential. BUT, get rid of the sativa’s. the only strains they should allow to be sold are the couch lock Indica, sleepy strains. boom, problem solved, not only will people be begging to be quarantined, they will be fully knocked out. Yes, Yes, the fridges will be emptied quicker, all the captain crunch and milk will be gone, but COVID-19 will be out of our lives for good.

Adults, children, and elders alike should be held down and forced to ingest some “sticky-icky” indica shit dog. Problem solved! this should be done each day in the morning, give it a week and the quarantine will be over. As of today, i drove round to do some recon. I did not leave the vehicle, but man ohhhh man, people are crazy. NO ONE is taking this quarantine serious, at this rate we will be utilizing dispensary curbside pick up services for the remainder of 2020 (I hope thats not the case).

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