How to Get High Without Smoking Weed: Concentrates, Edibles and Other Products

Marijuana is an industry that has been growing rapidly over the past few years, especially since most of the states (and the entirety of Canada) have legalized the recreational use of this magnificent plant. While marijuana is a plant that has a lot of benefits to offer, smoking weed isn’t for everybody – some people love the feeling of being high but can’t stand what it takes to get there. If you’re not a fan of smoking weed but enjoy getting high, this article is for you!

As times progress we are gaining access to more technology, which means we’re able to produce different kinds of cannabis-related products. There are several products on the market right now that will get you high without the need to smoke weed, but which one of them is going to be most effective? Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or just somebody who is looking to start their cannabis journey, hopefully, this article can point you in the right direction.

While smoking is looked at as relatively unhealthy, smoking marijuana will not have the same effects on your lungs as cigarettes would; although some people don’t want to take any chances! If you want to live a healthier lifestyle and see what the future has to offer, consuming cannabis products is a sure way to keep you going.

Can Smoking Cannabis Harm Me?

Smoking cannabis cannot harm you, and there have been no deaths attributed to the consumption of marijuana throughout the entirety of human history; it’s impossible to overdose or just drop dead after smoking a bit of weed. Some of us just don’t like the feeling of smoke entering our bodies, regardless of whether it’s “healthy” or not – it’s a complex issue in a way, as smoking any sort of burnt plant material will harm your lungs.

The powers that be within the cannabis industry are creative individuals, so there’s always going to be options to choose from. You could end up eating a weed brownie and not even know you’re high until two hours later when you can’t stop giggling at “The Office” re-runs. Smoking marijuana can’t harm you for the most part, other than a coughing fit after a massive toke; all of which can be avoided by using other cannabis products. The more popular options you’ll come across (and that we’ll talk about) are:

  • Edibles
  • Tinctures
  • Concentrates
  • Vapes

Getting High with Edibles

Edibles are a great choice regardless of your “stoner level” since they can be created using an exact science. Cooking and baking tend to call for measurements of specific ingredients, and over time it becomes a process that is perfected – some companies have managed to perfect the creation of marijuana-infused edibles! Edibles are good because you can eat them at your own pace, allowing you to consume as much THC as you’d like throughout the day. It’s important to note that beginners will want to take it easy during their first few snacking sessions.

Edibles come in many shapes and sizes, from desserts (like cookies and brownies) down to savory meals (like pizza infused with marijuana!), so there’s going to be a great tasting choice for everyone. Edibles tend to release at a slower rate as well, so you aren’t going to get punched in the face with a high that you can’t control! It’s easy to eat too many edibles and freak out when you’re starting, so take it easy and enjoy the journey.

Getting High with Vapes

When you want to know “how to get high without smoking weed”, Vapes should be thrown into the mix almost immediately. While some would argue that vaping is still smoking, that’s not the case at all – the plant is being “vaporized” as opposed to burnt. These nifty little things allow you to burn your weed at temperatures lower than normal, so it’s more of a “controlled burn” than anything else. When you’re done with the weed it can be removed from your vaporizer and you’ll see that it’s not burnt, but just toasted a little bit.

As we said at the beginning of this article, the only harmful thing that smoking cannabis has to offer is burnt plant matter. Regardless of what plant you’re burning, inhaling the smoke is going to hurt your lungs; do you see why vapes are so ideal in this case? They don’t burn the weed! You don’t have to worry about inhaling weed vapors, as that is much more gentle than the harsh smoke produced from a burn.

Getting High with Concentrates

The term “concentrate” is used to cover a broad spectrum of cannabis products, all of which are directly descended from marijuana itself. The perfect example of this product would be “wax” or “oil”, which is that colorful and buttery substance that you see in weed shops or YouTube videos all of the time. You can consume your concentrates as you would with any other cannabis product, by smoking it! Although you aren’t smoking marijuana and the smoke is more “pure”, it’s very potent and is known to give people crazy coughing fits. If you aren’t a fan of feeling like your chest is on fire after taking a massive dab, you might want to take it easy on concentrates.

If your main goal is to avoid lung damage you may want to consider using some of the other options discussed in this article. While you aren’t burning plant matter, the smoke that you get from concentrates is no joke!

Getting High with Tinctures

Tinctures are perfect for a day of canoeing and portaging, but they’re also ideal for when you just want to sit inside and play video games all day. While tinctures could be considered a kind of concentrate, there are people out there who dedicate their lives to the production of high-quality cannabis tinctures. To keep things simple, these are made by infusing high-proof alcohol with marijuana (which means you don’t want to put this near a heat source!).

You can use the tincture and add a couple of drops to your ranch dressing during dinner, or just take a drop directly under your tongue for seemingly immediate effects (don’t say we didn’t warn you about the taste though). You can even make tinctures out of weed that you’ve vaped in the past.

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