How Stay Protected as a Grower: Cannabis Questions Answered!

Staying protected as a grower today can be difficult. Companies are trying to take advantage of growers left and right. Especially if you are a new grower, you need to navigate around the industry with caution. Very little regulation is in place because the cannabis industry is still so new. This can result in a lot of shady practices. For instance, many companies’ that produce nutrients try to sell 10’s of products when you really only need a few. The other products are put into the mix to milk you dry!

Another common scam is branding of seeds, many people marketing seeds as “White Widow” or “Critical Kush” but in all actuality they are not what they seem. But because it easy to do and no one is stopping them, many sellers steal these names and exploit all the hard work others have put into producing these genetics.​

The Nutrient Swindle:

I would like to preface this section by saying that almost every Cannabis nutrient company is guilty of doing this in some form or another. As long as you assemble the correct nutrients and listen to the advice we give, you will save money and still produce big dense buds.

dirty dozen starter pack.
Fox Farm “Dirty Dozen” starter pack.

Here is a starter pack marketed by Fox Farm soil and fertilizer company. Now I have to admit, I do like Fox Farms products, but I know for a fact you don’t need 9 liquid nutrients and 3 separate dry nutrients, this is just ridiculous. The trick here is Fox Farms wants you to purchase the starter kit and “fall in love”. After you love all the products, you will continue to purchase ALL these products when in all actuality, you only need 2, or 3 of these products. The facts are only 2 or 3 of these products actually contributed to the growth of the plant.

Fox Farms Nutrient Trio
Fox Farms Nutrient Trio

For Fox Farms products these are the only three products you really need. The other products that were in the “dirty dozen” are just additives. These 3 products from Fox Farms are the only products you need to achieve the correct NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium). You need a nutrient to feed during the vegetative cycle and you need a nutrient to feed during the flowering cycle, that’s it! Don’t over feed or add too many additives because it can affect the taste of your buds!

Advacanced Nutrients Line Up
Advanced Nutrients Line Up

Here is the advanced nutrients line up (and it doesn’t even include all the nutrients). As you can see, it’s the same thing as the Fox Farms line up, we have 10 different products here, but do you really need all these products? The answer is no…think about it this way, what would be better for business; for a nutrient company to tell the truth and only sell 2 or 3 products because that’s really all the plant needs, or sell 10 different products selling 8 of them as additives through the growing season. Obviously selling 10 bottles of nutrient throughout a season instead of 3 makes more fiscal sense. But is it “right”? you decide…

Advanced Nutrients Trio.
Advanced Nutrients Trio.

This is what you need. “Grow” will get you through the vegetative cycle and “Bloom” will get you through the flowering cycle. The bottle labeled “Micro” shown in the picture really doesn’t even have to be used, you can maintain a great NPK with just Grow and Bloom. Advanced nutrients is famous for overdoing the additives. If you go to the Advanced website not only will you see the nutrients I’ve outlined here, they have pages and pages of other nutrients, its actually crazy.

Huge Problems Caused From “Overdoing It”

When you walk into the grow store, or visit that online nutrients supplier, you will be pushed to purchase many nutrients, not just the few that you actually need to have a successful grow. The sad truth is the more nutrients you use, the more susceptible your plants will be to disease, root burn and nutrient burn. The most ironic part about this is when you buy all these products and they burn your plants, you will look for advice at the grow store or online nutrient suppliers, guess what they will recommend? They will tell you to buy more products to solve the issue…. What a joke!

Counterfeit Seed Con:

Many unethical and unscrupulous people have popped up in the cannabis industry selling fake seeds and pocketing major profits. Just like cheap head phones come out of china saying “Beats by Dre” on them and you can buy a purse on the streets of NYC that says “Gucci” on the side; you can also buy cannabis seeds that are marketed as “Humboldt Seeds”. In all actuality the Beats by Dre are fake, the Gucci bag is fake and the Humboldt Seeds are far from the Humboldt quality.

Genuine Humboldt Seed Organization Packaging
Genuine Humboldt Seed Organization Packaging

The first step in ensuring the seeds you receive are genuine is buying from a trusted source. If you have purchased seeds before, you probably know where to shop and what to look for, but if its your first time buying seeds it may not be that obvious. These are the things you want to avoid:

  • Don’t Buy Split Packs– If a website will split seeds for you, this is a red alert. Its not for sure, but chances are really good that they are trying to sell you cheap seeds at premium prices. Without the original packaging it gets really tough to determine if the seeds you received are genuine. To be 100% sure you are receiving real seeds, you have to insist the seeds arrive in the original packaging.
  • Make Sure the Photos are Accurate– This is usually a great give away in determining if your seeds are genuine. One major red flag would be if the pictures they are showing do not match the strain (obvious give away), another would be if they don’t have any pictures at all! If you aren’t comfortable determining if the strain matches the pictures, just do a quick reverse image search and see where the image originated!
  • Look into Reviews for the Site– finding reviews for a site is much easier than you think. Most of the time when people DON’T get ripped off they wont leave any kind of review. But, if they do get scammed, or experience service they aren’t happy with, GET READY because they will be screaming at the top of their lungs (figuratively). Use the Google Search bar, type the name of the website address and any number of review sites will be in the first 10 results.

Cannabis Questions Answered:

What is Best Soil for Cannabis- This is a highly debated subject, different professionals have different opinions. We prefer cannabis grown in a soil or substrate, we think this gives the cannabis an earthier burn and forces the cannabis to grow in an environment that it has grown in for thousands of years!

Is Weed a Depressant- This is one of the biggest myths revolving around cannabis. Cannabis does not easily fall into the category of “depressant”. Some of the symptoms can cause depressing activities (such as drowsiness), but it is NOT a depressant.

What is the Average Yield Per Plant- Different plants will get different yields. It also depends on if the plant was grown indoors or outdoors. Many growers get lower yields inside per plant because they have smaller space to grow. Outside growers get higher yields per plant because they have more space. Also, nothing can replace the light the sun delivers. It unbeatable. Outdoor growers can yield upwards of 700 grams per plant.

Best Grow Box for Beginners- When looking to purchase a grow box, you have to take many different things into consideration. Do you want to grow in soil, or do you want to grow hydroponically? How much space do you have; are you growing in a closet, or do you have enough room for a 10’ x 10’ grow tent? Pricing ranges from $300.00 and can go all the way to $7,500.00   

What are the Best Outdoor Strains for New England- A few strains are stronger for northern climates than others. Good strains for northern climates should resist mold well and “finish” quickly because the weather in the north can be quite unpredictable. Some strains that will perform well in New England are: White Widow, Northern Lights and Blue Dream.

What is Brick Weed- Brick weed is more of a slang term for what we would call “bad weed”. It comes from the 1970’s and 1980’s when the cannabis from Columbia and Mexico would be sent in 50 lb. bales. That cannabis would be classified as brick weed. That cannabis would be considered “off the brick” when it gets broken down. Higher quality cannabis is not kept this way because the shape and scent get jeopardized when in the brick.

What is Bud Washing- Bud washing is a bit of a controversial subject among growers. Some swear that bud washing is a necessity while other growers say it’s the biggest mistake one can make. Some growers say washing can get rid of mites and dead insects in the buds while others say it washes away trichomes (which we don’t want). Bud washing is basically the act of dipping harvested buds in several temperatures of water before hanging them to dry.

Can I Harvest the Top Half of my Plant- Absolutely! You can most definitely harvest the top half of your plant before the lower half; we actually encourage growers to harvest the top of the plant first. Reason being, once you harvest the top of your plant, the lower extremities get better exposure to your light source and the plant can focus on fattening up lower buds.

Can Smoking Leaves Get You High- This depends on what leaves we are discussing here. Will smoking fan leaves get you high? No. But if you smoke the dry trim leaves from manicured buds, oh yes, those will get you high! Here’s why, the fan leaves that grow off the cannabis plant don’t get you high, they don’t contain any THC! The leaves that grow off the buds DO have THC.

What is Cannabis Heat Stress- Cannabis heat stress is a real threat for indoor growers. For outdoor growers, as long as your plants are acclimated well to the outdoors and not shocked if moved from indoor to outdoors; you will not have an issue with heat stress. Indoor growers should keep the temp between 70 to 75 degrees to avoid stressing the plants. Also, depending on what stage of growing the plants are I the lights should be constantly adjusted to avoid close contact!

Does Coughing Get You Higher- If anything, coughing actually prevents you from getting higher. Think about it, when you cough it forces the THC away from your lungs quicker than normal. The only way coughing can get you higher is from the quick inhalation that occurs directly before the cough. This quick inhalation can make the THC go deeper into your lungs. But the inhalation is so small the chances of this having any effect is minimal.

Greenhouse Yield VS. Indoor Yield? May factors can go into these yields. The most important factor of this is space! If the greenhouse is smaller than the space you are growing indoors, obviously you will have bigger yields with the indoor space (and vice versa). Yields in greenhouses tend to be higher (in our opinion) if all other factors are held constant.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Marijuana? Marijuana has two major stages when growing, it has a vegetative cycle and it has a flowering cycle. In the vegetative cycle the plant focuses on developing strong roots and strong extremities. In the flowering cycle the plant focuses solely on growing large dense buds. In the “mind” of the plant, it wants to grow the buds as large as possible to increase its chances of catching pollen and producing seed that can be dropped.

How long is the flowering stage outdoors? This depends on the strain of cannabis you are growing. A fast finishing strain will be ready to harvest in 8 weeks from the time you start seeing buds form. A slower finishing strains will take up to 11 weeks from the time you start seeing buds until harvest day. You must keep a close eye on your Cannabis to know when harvesting is appropriate.

How to Dry Marijuana? Marijuana can be dried in several different ways. Some people prefer to remove fan leaves and hang the whole plants to dry. Others prefer to trim the buds from the stalks, lay them out flat and let them dry that way. We recommend trimming the buds from the stalk’s, leaving area to hang. Drape fishing line and hang the buds on that. DO NOT use cotton string to hang buds, because the buds will mold around the cotton.

How to Grow Bigger Buds Outdoors? We have determined the easiest method with the highest success rate for growing bigger buds outdoors. Start your plants indoors! Even if you start your plants inside for two weeks before moving them outdoors under a few CFL lights, you will be WAY ahead of the game. As long as the plants are hardened off properly, you should see massive growth upon transplant.

How to Grow Dense Buds Outdoors? Treating the plant correctly will result in dense buds. If you are growing outside, make sure you give the plant plenty of space to grow. Also, make sure your plants are getting FULL sunlight, these are the two most important factors. Don’t get confused with different nutrients and treatments, if you provide good soil, a large hole and great sunlight, you will grow big dense buds.

How to Grow Pot Cheaply? Growing great pot cheaply is quite easy. The most expensive part of the process (maybe) will be the seeds! You can get soil from the earth as long as it drains well and has healthy vegetation around it. A grower that writes for Soft Green Glow has grown 1 pound plants for less than $15.00 per pound. This is the holy grail of growing! Learning to use the resources you have been given to grow great big plants.

How to Grow Weeds From Seeds? Not everyone is comfortable growing from seed, many people would prefer too buy a clone and start transplanting. BUT, you never get the growth from a clone that you get from a plant sprouted from seed, this is a proven fact. The only step that should be drastically different from growing from clone rather than growing from seed will be germinating and caring for a seedling. This is not difficult and can be mastered in months.

How to Quickly Dry a Sample Bud? Cannabis and drying quickly just don’t go together. A real connoisseur would be appalled. Cannabis is meant to be dried as slow as possible. The slower your weed was dried, the better the taste will be and the better the burn will be. BUT, if you must take. Sample bud, the best to dry it is stick it in the microwave for about 20 seconds wrapped in a paper towel. You should be able to visibly see moisture on the paper towel. Toke up!

What is Rick Simpson Oil From Florida? Rick Simpson is a gentleman from Florida who was able to cure himself completely of skin cancer using cannabis oil. The method of producing this oil involves separating the trichomes from the buds and boiling off all moisture. This leave the user with a tar like substance that can be ingested, rubbed on skin, or placed into capsules and ingested.  

How to Tell if Your Plant is Male or Female Before Flowering? Determining if a plant is male or female before flowering is quite simple if you know what to look for. On a male plant, you will start to see small sacs on the nodes of the plant. If the plant is a female, it will start to show hair like stigma on the nodes. Examining the plants must be done before the male sacs burst, once those sacs open, your female plants will be pollenated and will produce seeds.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Weed? Weed goes through two distinct cycles of growth. The first is the vegetative cycle which focuses on root production and plant growth. The second cycle of growth is the flowering stage of weed, during this cycle the plant moves from focusing on plant growth to strictly bud production. Outdoors it take about 6 months to grow weed, indoors it take 4 to 5 months.

Last 2 Weeks of Flower What to Expect? In the last two weeks of flower, you most likely wont experience much more growth, instead you will see your buds mature. This mean they will fill in a little more and start to bulk up. Also, the trichomes on the buds will begin to turn brown from white. When the trichome are cloudy the high is more of a get up and go type, but when they start to turn darker, its more of a couch Lok high.

Learn to Grow Weed Easy! Learning to grow weed is an easy task. Of course, to grow on a professional level, you will need more time and a lot of trial and error. Testing is key for super successful growers. Not only is growing weed quite easy to begin with, but it can be very cost effective as well. All you need is some soil, some seeds and a few CFL grow lights.

Liquid Marijuana Shot! Making a liquid marijuana shot is fun and exciting. Whether your having a fun night at home with your significant other, or your having people over and looking to spice it up a bit, this quick drink is a great go to!

Marijuana Seedling- Marijuana seedlings are one of the first phases a plant enters after germination of the seed. During this time the sprout is very sensitive. Things can go bad very easily at this time. At this point feedings should contain very little to no nutrients. The seedling can get burned very easily!

Marijuana Horticulture- Learning to grow marijuana on a connoisseur level can be difficult, but not impossible!  With time and trial and error, anyone can master marijuana horticulture and growing cannabis on a connoisseur level. This website should become an incredible resource for you. We have spent thousands of hours and years to generate all the content on this site.

Nutrient Burn-  Careful with those nutes! Some of the biggest reasons new growers mess up their yields is from shock and burn induced by nutrients. Don’t fall for the gimmicks, you nee da good grow nutrient and a good bloom nutrient avoid all the additives. They don’t do much but damage final product!

Outdoor Grow Lights- Do you want to avoid plants going into flower outdoors? Getting an outdoor grow light might be the right route for you! Many people mount them in greenhouses and turn them as it start to get dark, this wont allow your plants to enter the next photoperiod and start to flower!

Pictures Trichomes Ready to Harvest- Different shades of trichomes will be harvest time for different growers. For example, many growers like to harvest when the trichomes start to get cloudy. This produces a different high thentrichomes that get harvested when they are much darker. If you like weed that will put you to sleep, harvest when the trichomes are amber. If you like an energetic high, harvest when they are cloudy white.

What are the Risks of Marijuana? The risks are becoming lower and lower from a penalty or legal prospective. This will continue to go lower and lower until the federal government fully legalizes cannabis. The health risks of marijuana are minimal. Not a single overdose has ever been reported. Smoking marijuana is still not great for your longs though, long term it can be unhealthy if smoked.

Sexing Cannabis- Sexing cannabis is quite easy when you get good at it. Look at the bases of the stems before the light cycles start to change, you will either see small stacks starting to form (in this case it’s a male), or you will see 2 small hairs starting to emerge (in this case it’s a female).

Smoking Stems- Of course you CAN smoke stems, but the question is will they get you stoned. Maybe! If the stems you are smoking have any trace of trichomes on them they will get you high, but if they are from the lower level branching they most likely wont have any trichomes on them, therefore wont get you high.

Spider Mites on Buds at Time of Harvest– What can you do? Your harvesting and notice that you have spider mites on the buds! Yikes, its not the best potion to be in. you don’t want to spray any chemicals because its WAY too late, anything you put on the buds will be smoked at this point. The only recourse you really have if you want to save the flower is to wash the buds (check the site, we have an article on bud washing).

What are the Stages of Being High? This really depends on the type of person you are. Marijuana is not right for everyone, some people might react great to smoking cannabis. They may get relaxed and sleep very well. On the other hand, other people may react totally different; they feel anxious or paranoid.

Starting Plants Indoors Then Moving Outdoors- In our opinion, this is the best way to get big dense buds growing outdoors. Start your seeds indoors and grow the seedlings for a few months, after a few months move them outdoors. If started correctly, they will be stronger and more resistant to disease if they are further along when moved outdoors.

Topped Plant vs Non-Topped- The difference is pretty large and will actually effect the whole look of the plant, a topped plant will be shorter and wider while a non-topped plant will be taller and skinnier. Topped plants tend to be more productive because the topping creates more bud sites.

Topping Cannabis- Topping cannabis is an easy growers’ task once you get the hang of it. The trick for topping is it can’t be done too early in the plants life and it can’t be done too late in the plants life. You should have 3 or 4 strong sets of leaves before topping young Cannabis plant and you want to stop topping after your plant starts to flower.

What are the Best Organic Nutrients? The best organic nutrients are the ones that don’t come in a bottle. For instance advanced nutrients and fox farms wont have the best nutrients if you want to go fully organic, stick with the bulk powdered bone and blood meals and bat guanos. This is just the tip of the iceberg… MANY organic nutrients exist that we cover on the site.

Hanging the Whole Plant– When drying cannabis, many people prefer to actually chop the whole plant and leave it to dry, this includes fan leaves and all. The advantage of this is trapping flavor, hanging the entire plant does not allow any flavor to escape, it is all maintained. The disadvantage is more plant matter. This can increase the chances for mold or disease during drying.

How Long Does it Take for Weed to Kick in? this depends on how the cannabis is ingested. For instance, when smoking cannabis, results can happen very quickly within 2-3 minutes you should start to feel some sort of psychoactive feelings. But if you take cannabis in an edible form, it can take up to an hour to feel any “high”.

How to Get High Without Smoking Weed? Cannabis has come a long way! You no longer have to smoke weed to get high. You can vaporize the flower and inhale that, or if you would like to avoid any type of inhalation you can purchase edibles. Many people mix cannabis into butter and make treats that can get them stoned!

Smoking Weed on Birth Control– smoking weed on birth control is not a great idea. Cannabis can increase the chances of your birth control not working the way it was intended. Now, its not life or death if you smoke weed on birth control, but it should be avoided.

What are the First Signs of Flowering Stage? The first thing that should be observed is the light cycle; are the days still longer than the nights? If not, flowering stage will start shortly. The first sign of the flowers starting to form should be small white hairs, these will start to turn to buds!

What is a Plant That Looks Like Weed? Several plants have leaves that look like cannabis leaves. But, even though the following plants may have the leaves of cannabis, this does not mean they will get you high of contain any type of THC! These plants include: Japanese Maple, Coral Plant, Cranberry Hibiscus and Cassava just to name a few!

What is Weed Nutrient Lock Out? Nutrient lock out means that the plant will no longer up take any nutrients currently in the soil. This usually happens when the plant is “overfed”, too many nutrients in the soil can lock the plant out. Avoiding nutrient lock out is just another reason to avoid using many additives that big nutrient companies push!

When Does Flowering Start Outdoors? The flowering stage can start at different times in different parts of the country or world, but the flowering stage always starts at the same time… it all depends on that big glowing ball in the sky!!! As soon as the days become shorter, the plants will start to bud!

When Does the Vegetative Stage Start? The vegetative stage can start whenever you would like (as long as your starting your plants outside)! But, if your looking to start your plants outside, the best time to start is a week after the last frost coincided with the light cycle you have been using indoors. This will prevent the plants from going into flower prematurely!

Where Does Marijuana Grow Naturally? Cannabis grown naturally without human intervention is called “feral cannabis” while this cannabis is normally seen in Afghanistan and Pakistan, it can also be seen in Nepal or even right here in our own back yards! Abandon cannabis field in California have resulted in small patches gaining some steam.

Why Does Weed Make you Cough? I don’t think anyone can safely say that they have smoked cannabis and never had a coughing fit. Even though coughing often happens, the short term coughing that occurs is not related to any long term health effects. The coughing occurs because it temporarily irritates the lungs.

Yellowing Leaves During Late Flowering– Yellowing leaves during late flower is exactly what you want to see. This means that you have flushed the nutrients out of the soil and the plant is sucking energy from the fan leaves to grow the buds. When the leaves start to yellow, and the trichomes start to turn cloudy, you are ready for harvest!

Zoloft and Marijuana– these two substances should not be mixed. Using marijuana while on Zoloft has been known to cause panic attacks and substantially raise anxiety. Using marijuana while being prescribed Zoloft is not life or death, but it should be avoided.

As legalization approaches, many people have questions regarding cannabis. This list is ever growing which means this post will always be updated. If you have any additional questions, feel free to leave a comment below and we will research the question so you don’t have to!

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