How Reading Cannabis Related Content on CNN Can Cause Blindness.

MY EYES!!! What a nightmare, CNN and other news outlets are at it again. Trying to regulate morality is not only unethical, it’s boring. I mean, what else are people supposed to do during this outbreak of influenza if they can’t get sloshed and top it off with a joint?

CNN warns that consuming alcohol and cannabis during this time of crisis can increase your chances of contracting COVID-19. Honestly, does CNN think they are in the position to tell anyone they can or can’t consume anything? What people should really stop consuming during this epidemic is any content produced by CNN; what do you think Chris? Should we “Get after it”? We shall!!! Not only should we stop consuming CNN content during this epidemic, but it should be halted indefinitely.

I promise i’m not getting political, CNN is no gem, but either is Fox, or any other network for that fact, they all pretty much produce junk and make me want to change the channel almost as fast as I arrived on the channel. A little bit of each network I can certainly stomach, but anything more than that makes me weak; it makes me want to hang my head after I’ve had too much to drink and force the alcohol out to avoid “the spins” laying in bed. OH NO!!! Not during the crisis though CNN, i might contract the big bad COVID-19!!

Not that anything could be recommended by those talking heads and people actually listen (the ones that are not complete and utter fools). But, legal and illegal marijuana sales are up across the board. Turns out, people DON’T listen to CNN; sometimes people just wanna get high and have a drink and it turns out, when people have more down time they want to drink or indulge in cannabis a little more frequently. 

Anything can be abused during a time of crisis, but you don’t see CNN or Fox reaching out to us about those items, it’s because it doesn’t bring the views. Could you imagine waking up during this crisis, turning on the TV or looking at a news feed and seeing “Eating too Many Cheeseburgers can Make you Susceptible to COVID-19!!” it’s not like it’s not true, people that indulge in more cheeseburgers, or have weight issues are most definitely likely to get sick and end up with this flu.

CNN, mind your own business and leave Cannabis out of COVID-19. Your “reporting” is not only causing my eyes to burn, I’m sure it’s causing burns and blindness across the world.

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