Federal Cannabis Legalization: Solution to COVID-19 Related Economic Crash?

Federal Cannabis Legalization: Solution to COVID-19 Related Economic Crash?

Covid-19, corona virus, the Chinese virus (for all the trump fans out there) or whatever you want to call it just saved the fight for legalized weed.

Now I’m certainly not sitting here saying that this virus is a good thing by any means. Its an ugly beast of a flu leaving people stranded from families, friends and work. F@$k CORONA!. But I can’t help to think what this is going to cause officials and legislators to do.

The federal government  is going to provide subsidies to the American people and states, but how far can the subsidies go? The damage that this is causing in the economy is substantial. If a $1,200 check from the government is going to make the corona virus “worth it” for you… God bless… but I promise you it’s not that way for 95% of Americans.

Cannabis tax dollars are being collected in the billions (yes, with a B), check these statistics from 2018:

  • ​Washington             $319m
  • California                 $300m
  • Colorado                  $266m
  • Oregon                     $94m
  • Nevada                     $69m
  • Alaska                       $11m
  • Massachusetts ​        $5m

Total collection in 2018 was $1.064B. This number obviously pales in comparison to the two trillion dollar stimulus package just passed, but this is only 7 states. if Cannabis can reach federal legalization, this collection will surge.

No… this will not solve our deficit problem and wont make a dent in the two trillion dollar stimulus plan, but it will certainly help! if the US government can collect additional tax dollars while legalizing a harmless substance that would get all of the cartels and crime organization out of the business of cultivating and distributing cannabis, why would they not take action?

Sometimes, i feel like  government officials are children dressed in suits yelling “goo goo gah gah” at each other. they all want the newest lego collection and they are REALLY bad at sharing. 

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