Cannabis Questions Answered: What is the Best Soil for Cannabis?

In my experience, the best soil to use depends heavily on what you are looking to accomplish and where you are growing. Obviously it wouldn’t make sense to have a hydro setup in the wilderness (duh). ENOUGH!

I have seen excellent results with Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae, this is my go-to choice for a growing medium that is dependable, produces great results and in my opinion would be the best soil for cannabis. When your growing in a remote location, you might not be able to get to your spot as frequently as you like, this is when the high porosity comes into play; it holds moisture better for longer. Also, when you break that bale of Pro-mix open, you can bet your bottom dollar that its sterile and you will be starting from as close to 0 parts per million as you can get.

BUT, you have to keep in mind that this alone will not get you to the finish line people, you will need to amend it with some nutes, whether that be organic or artificial. Personally, I prefer organic. Reason being; to me, the best soil for cannabis accomplishes the goal of keeping me out of my spot for as long as possible and allowing me to spend as little time there as I can. If I amend the growing medium with dry organic nutrients, I’m able to reactivate those dry nutrients every time I water.

Of course you could always bring some additional nutrients with you when watering, but its not mandatory!

I’m sure some of you are saying… “but what’s the best soil for cannabis if I’m growing inside????”. I have any answer for that as well, EVEN IF I CATCH SOME HEAT FOR IT!!

Some people argue that you must grow using hydroponic techniques indoors, but I disagree. Marijuana is a plant, something about marijuana is quite mystic. It has grown outdoors in soil for thousands and thousands of years, growing and stretching towards the sun to produce big, dense, stinky buds. I don’t like to “lose” that piece of it history by growing the plant indoors; instead, I embrace it. I do this by recreating the rays the sun produces inside with different spectrums of grow lights and LARGE pots (something else I might catch heat for).

The best soil for cannabis in my opinion is still Pro-Mix HP amended for whatever strain you may be growing. The taste, smell, denseness of the buds I think is always better in soil. If you are a connoisseur, you may agree with me! If you are a greedy grower utilizing “high-tech” SOG methods with those teeny-tiny 5 gallon pots, your probably frustrated with me… That’s alright, “to each their own”.

I’m going to give you the recipe I have been using for my “super-soil” that I have used with great success. This recipe is to start a season, that’s why it appears to be quite a bit of product. You can cut this recipe to meet your needs:

  • 8 Large bags of high quality potting soil with coco (optional) and Mycorrhizae (1.5 Cubic feet bags).
  • 1 33 pound bad of Worm Gold Plus (worm castings).
  • 5 pounds fish bone meal.
  • 5 pounds high phosphorous bat quano
  • 5 pounds blood meal
  • 5 pounds bone meal
  • 5 pounds oyster shell
  • 3 pounds kelp meal
  • 3 pounds alfalfa meal
  • ¾ of a cup of Epsom salt
  • 1 cup of dolomite lime
  • 2 cups of azomite
  • 2 tbsps powdered humic acid.

All of these amendments and soil can be mixed in a child’s swimming pool, they can be mixed in a trailer. But I prefer to mix my soil on a laid-out tarp. If you mix the soil on a tarp, you are able to move it around a bit if need be and you can easily spread the soil out and cover it.

The next step to get your soil ready to produce monster dense buds is inoculation. The reason we inoculate the soil is “wake up” all the amendments and get the beneficial bacteria eating. This is done by spreading the soil as thin as you can on the tarp and purchasing yourself some pure mycorrhizae. The mycorrhizae will need to be sprinkled over the soil mixture and covered with another tarp.  Try and seal off the covering tarp the best you can; the way I accomplish this is by rolling up the edges of both tarps together than place 6 or so cinderblocks on the edges. After a few days remove the cinderblocks and un roll the tarp. You should see some webbing on the soil, this is EXACTLY what you want to see. Now, grab a shovel and mix the webbing material into the rest of the soil. Roll those tarps back up and place the blocks again. After a few more days, your soil is ready to rock. 

What soil are you using and why? Let me know in the comments, I would like to know what’s working for you and why you think its working.

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