Cannabis Questions Answered – What Are The Stages Of Being High?

Many people smoke cannabis daily. However, few understand that the chemical does to their body. When you get high on cannabis, you’re going to experience an array of emotions. You’ll go through a handful of stages before you finally return to normal. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with these stages so you will know what to expect when you get high. Below, you will learn more about the stages of being high.

7 Stages Are Not The Same

In general, there are seven stages of being high. However, you should know that things may change from one person to another. Getting high shares some commonalities but it is a unique experience. You may get high with a friend. The weed may mellow you out but your friend may feel full of energy. Simultaneously, you should know that the number of stages you experience may change. On the low end, you may only experience four stages. On the high end, you may go through nine or more. It depends on the strain, your body chemistry, and an array of other factors.

Most Common First Stage – Realizing What Happened

When you begin smoking, you’re not going to be ready for what hits you. You’ll take a few hits and try to avoid coughing. You don’t want your friends laughing at you for being a wimp. Then, you’ll take another hit and you won’t have a care in the world. The tetrahydrocannabinol will begin impacting your CB1 receptor and your neurons will go into overdrive. You’ll forget about that coughing and you’ll wonder what happened. This is one of the most pleasurable aspects of getting high and it is one of the many reasons people return time and time again.

2nd Stage Euphoria

Once you’ve returned to your sense, you’ll begin thinking much differently. You’ll wonder what is going on and what you did to your body. You might be paranoid for a few seconds but that will pass quickly. When it does, you’ll enter a state of euphoria and you’ll feel great. You’ll look at your buddy and let him or her know that you’re high as a kite. You won’t be able to stop yourself from chuckling and your buddy will do the same. You’ll want to sit down and stay there since your body feels overweight and it is too difficult to move.

If you can’t get up, you shouldn’t and you won’t care. You’ll stare into space as the world continues on around you.

3rd Stage Deep Thinking

Getting high can be a profound experience. After you’ve smoked cannabis, you will likely think about odd things. You’ll contemplate life and so many other things. Your creativity will explode and you can’t imagine where your mind is going to wander. This is the deep thinking or deep contemplation stage. You’ll likely find yourself overwhelmed by some of the deep thought you experience during this stage. On top of that, you’ll want to discuss these things with your buddies. That can turn into a deep conversation that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. While you’re at it, you will realize that you’re a genius.

You may not think so later but you are in that brief moment.

4th Stage And Paranoia

Unfortunately, you may experience some negative feelings after smoking. Most notably, there is a risk that you’re going to get very paranoid or anxious. After all, you’re thinking about things that you wouldn’t otherwise. Now, you’re worried that the cops are going to show up at your door in a second. Or, you may be concerned that your parents are going to enter the room and bust you. You’ll want to do your best to control these scary thoughts. One way to do that is by getting up and going outside. Face the world head-on. While you’re at it, you’ll want to satisfy those taste buds.

The munchies are starting to take control and you’ll want something sugary. You’ll want a big soda since your tongue is stuck to the inside of your mouth. A nice Jolly Rancher would come in handy right now. Don’t look now. That guy around the corner might be an FBI agent and he is after you.

5th Stage And The Munchies

When you’ve finally overcome those worries, it is time to sit back, relax, and pig out. You’ve made it back from the store and there is only one thing to do. You’ll want to enjoy your exploits. You overcame your paranoia so you’ll want to enjoy those delicious potato chips. You’ll likely believe that nothing is going to fill your belly. You’ll eat uncontrollably without thinking about the calories you’re consuming. You’ll taste every piece of the food and it’ll be a new experience. The only problem is that you’re going to find out that you’re out of food and drinks before you know it. You could go back to the store for more but that seems like too much work right now.

6th Stage Repetition

If you’re got weed left, there is a good chance that you’ll want to enjoy another joint or bowl. You have nothing else to do so you should go for it. Light up with your friends again and repeat the aforementioned steps. This time, the high will likely be more intense since the THC in your system will be increased.

7th Stage Coming Down

Once you’ve smoked your stash, you’re going to return to reality. Don’t worry. You’re still going to feel something. Your paranoia and munchies will disappear. However, you’re going to feel drained. Your day has been fun and eventful. Now, you’re tired, happy, and content. You enjoyed the day and you would do it again any time. You promise yourself that you’ll try to be more productive tomorrow but you realize this will likely not happen.

When you get high, you’re going to go through a handful of emotions and stages. Just remember that each person will experience something different. All you can do is go for it and see where things go.

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