Cannabis Questions Answered: Sexing Cannabis Plants Is It Possible?

Sexing is a common term utilized by cannabis growers around the world. The term refers to determining the sex of a cannabis plant. There are several techniques utilized to determine the sex of the plant. Before you start sexing your weed plants, you need to know more about plants in general. Many terms are thrown around loosely in the cannabis world. Terms like Monoecious, hermaphrodite, and dioecious, all of which refer to different types of plants. You will learn about those terms and how to sex cannabis plants in the article below.

Monoecious Plants: What Are They?

Monoecious is a term utilized to define an invertebrate animal or plant with both female and male reproductive organs. Now, when it comes to Monoecious cannabis plants, they feature two types of flowers. Monecious is very similar to hermaphrodite, as the term is utilized to define invertebrate animals or plants with both the female and male reproductive organs. Hermaphrodite plants only produce a single flower, which as you know is unlike the Monoecious cannabis plant.

The term dioecious also surfaces when speaking of sexing cannabis plants. The term, like Monoecious and hermaphrodite, is commonly utilized in the cannabis world. However, dioecious is a term utilized to describe cannabis plants with either female or male reproductive organs.

Is It Necessary To Isolate Female Cannabis Plants From Males

Yes, because it helps avoid pollination. In cannabis plants, pollination would result in the female plants generating seeds, which is something you want to avoid all together unless you are trying to create seeds for your stock.

Some growers, especially those that work out of their home, will remove and dispose of their male cannabis plants because they have no use for them. Commercial farmers, on the other hand, will utilize the male plants to pollinate the females to create seeds. They may also let nature take its course, And, treat their male cannabis plants like their females.

Since male cannabis plants produce THC, some commercial farmers will harvest and sell them to dispensaries just like they do the female plants. The only downside to doing that is THC produced by the male cannabis plants is not as potent as that of the female plant.

What Is The Difference?

Ultimately, there is a major difference between female and male cannabis plants. Most people grow cannabis so they can access potent buds. If you’re going to do this, you’ll want to stick with female plants. It is the female that is responsible for producing marijuana bud that you’ll eventually smoke. Male plants are not going to grow bud at all. Female plants are a bit different. While they grow bud on their own, they may grow seeds too. If the female plant is pollinated by a male, they will begin producing seeds and buds simultaneously.

Why Sexing Cannabis Matters

If you’re a new grower, you may not understand how important sexing is. This is a vital process of growing cannabis buds since growing males and females together can create various problems. You have to understand that only female plants grow cannabis buds. Male plants do not. Instead, they’re going to grow cannabis seeds. If you mix the plants together, your females are going to grow cannabis seeds and buds. This will create a major problem since the females will dedicate a lot of their energy producing seeds and not buds. This means that your buds are going to be smaller and less potent.

If you want to avoid this, you’ll need to separate the males from the females as soon as possible. This should be done during the flowering stage. If you want your crop to flourish, thrive, and grow healthy, potent buds, you should pick out the males before they can pollinate your female plants.

When Can You Determine Sex?

Unfortunately, it can be tough to determine the sex of your plants. And, you’ll have to be patient. You need to wait until a certain period before you’ll be able to see the plant’s sex organs. In general, this happens during the flowering stage. During the early part of the flowering stage, the plant will start producing its sex organs. Once this happens, you’ll want to pay close attention to your plants. It is pertinent to be able to determine the difference between female and male plants. If you can do that, you’ll be able to separate them immediately so it doesn’t hurt your crop.

Can You Determine Sex Of Marijuana Seeds?

If you could determine the sex of the seeds, you would be able to avoid a hassle in the future. You wouldn’t have to worry about growing males so you could toss them out immediately. Unfortunately, this is likely not going to happen. Some people believe that they can determine the sex of the plant based on the seed but this is a myth. You cannot. You will likely have to wait until the plant enters the flowering stage before you can determine what sex you’re dealing with.

When it comes to planting seeds, you’ll want to choose seeds that are healthy. You’ll have to take a gamble and hope that your plants are female in the end. If they’re not, you’ll have to throw them out and start over. Or, you can continue growing the male plants so you can collect extra seeds.

Tips For Sexing Plants

There are numerous signs that you’re dealing with female plants. For instance, you’ll want to pay attention to the plant’s growth patterns. During the vegetative stage, your plants are going to flourish. They’ll get significantly bigger. If you’re growing females, you will notice that your plants have a more complex branch system. Male plants tend to be taller but thinner. Their branch system simple. You should not take the plants out just yet though. If you’re growing indoors using artificial light, the plants may not exhibit these differences. Another thing to note is that males mature much quicker.

They’ll grow taller and wider much faster. As soon as you see the pollen sacs on the male plant, you’ll want to remove them from your grow tend immediately.

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