Cannabis Questions Answered: Is Weed a Depressant?

Is weed a depressant

Lets get right to the answer on this one. NO, weed is not a depressant even though some of its side effects could be se en as “depressing” side effects, it certainly is not. Xanax and Valium are examples of depressants, not marijuana.  actually, no specialists have any concrete evidence that marijuana is a depressant. It seems the “marijuana is a depressant” rumor was started because sometimes after smoking marijuana it can make you sleepy. Not only does it make you sleepy, it also makes you hungry (seriously, this stuff is practically harmless people…)

ACTUALLY, marijuana has been shown to help depression in small doses. People experiencing PTSD have actually reported 100% reduction in symptoms; think of how life changing that could be for someone. Instead of going to bed anxious, they can go to bed and get a full night sleep. Also, people that have been born with cerebral palsy can use marijuana to help reduce seizures, this can make life much more enjoyable for people that suffer along with allowing them to think clearer and not be clouded from constant seizure issues.

Marijuana does not neatly fit into any category of drug. The problem is the effects of weed vary widely from person to person. Two people can take the same dose; one can feel happy, giggly and hungry while the other feels angry and paranoid! Many times people that report feeling angry and paranoid have taken more than the recommended does, or have not prepared to take the medicine. Sometimes negative people can alter the experience, or being in the wrong space can derail the experience.

Weed can be molded into two different categories in my opinion: it can be a stimulant or a hallucinogen. Take a second to review my thoughts on both below; feel free to leave a comment and let me know what one you agree with more!

Weed as a Stimulant:

sometimes it can be classified as a stimulant because it can elevate your mood directly after consuming the product, it can make your heartbeat race, weed can make you anxious and in some people, very paranoid.

Weed as a Hallucinogen:

​many people stereotype weed as a hallucinogen, but the truth is, hallucinations on marijuana are quite rare. But, the distortion of time that weed can sometime cause would help classify this substance as a Hallucinogen. another symptom of consuming hallucinogens is a dry mouth; if you have ever consumed marijuana you sure know it can have you reaching for a cold beverage to quench your thirst!

The cause or the relief?

Marijuana is very interesting, little to no research has been done with the substance (even though more and more research is being done by the DAY). But, it is one of the only substances that has been known to help people who suffer with anxiety and depression. BUT, in some people marijuana can cause anxiety and after the dopamine rush that marijuana delivers it can often leave consumers feeling a little “down” in the dumps.

If Marijuana helps you with your depression or anxiety, leave us a comment below, I would be curious to know how it as helped you. Whether you are in an illegal environment, or a legal one, you should be growing your own buds. This helps you craft your own product that helps your condition the best.

When you grow the marijuana, you are in complete control of the quality and what you are ingesting into your body. Purchasing marijuana comes with many downsides. If you are in an illegal environment, the main risk, of course, is the very fact you are in an illegal environment, every time you purchase your medicine, you are taking a risk.  In a legal environment WHO KNOWS what was used to produce those buds, it was most likely produced in a “factory-like” setting with industrial strength growing nutrients. Was it flushed properly?… probably not… if that is the case, your most likely damaging your body more for the long term than the relief your getting from the aliment that is currently setting you back.

Not only do we answer all of these cannabis questions, but also we are an incredible resource for both beginner and expert growers alike. Take a second, browse the site and you are bound to learn something great about marijuana and something great about growing this mystical plant.

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