Cannabis Questions Answered: Is Rick Simpson Oil Florida Any Good?

Whether you are just delving into the marijuana industry or you have been in it for years, it is likely that you have noticed things are changing. Things have changed and things will probably continue to change for the next couple of decades. This is because people, scientists, and researchers are still uncovering facts about substance. It is likely possible that the community will never uncover all the mysteries behind this marvelous plant. Perhaps if they did this will kill all the mystic. That being said, cannabis is certainly no stranger to activists. Throughout the years, the substance has had many people finding for it and all its magical properties. One of these individuals is Rick Simpson.

A Quick Bit On Rick Simpson

if you are interested in the magical medical properties of marijuana then you will likely hear about a man by the name of Rick Simpson. You will probably no doubt hear about plenty of men and women, but it will be old Rick here that stands out. He was one that stumbled upon his cannabis fame purely by accident. Long before he coined his patented Rick Simpson Oil, Rick was nothing more than your average engineer working in a Canadian hospital. As was mentioned, Simpson was an engineer working in the maintenance wing of the hospital. He was assigned the task of covering the hospital’s boilers’ pipes with potent glue. During the process due to the poor ventilation, he collapsed and was knocked unconscious. He woke on his own and was able to reach an associate for assistance.

This is when he was transported to the emergency section of the hospital. After the incident, Simpson only continued to suffer from dizzy spells as well as ringing in his years. He was prescribed medication, but it did little to ease his symptoms. This was when he discovered a documentary highlighting the powerful healing properties of cannabis. He ended up scoring some cannabis and it cleared up his tinnitus symptoms. However, this is not the most impressive part.

It was in 2003 that Rick once again had another incident. This one was not a fall of a faint, but the appearance of three suspicious bumps. He went in for a biopsy and they turned out to be cancer. In fact, they turned out to be a form of skin cancer. To make a long story short, Rick went through a number of treatments with little to no success until he decided to try cannabis. He heard about a study from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute involving THC. He eventually decided to treat his case with topical THC concentrate and has been completely cancer-free ever since. This is when he coined his patented product that is now known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

What Exactly Is RSO?

If you have been researching the medical marijuana industry then you have likely heard a lot of talk about CBD oil and its powerful properties. The oil is supposed to offer a large number of medical benefits without offering the psychoactive effects that one would get when consuming cannabis. It does this because the substance is comprised of hemp rather than cannabis, which contains minimal amounts of THC. In fact, it only contains trace amounts of THC. Well, what you need to know is that RSO is nothing like CBD oil. RSO is actually mainly comprised of the psychoactive ingredient THC, along with a variety of other potent cannabinoids.

With a little bit of research, you will find that there are a number of companies selling RSO, but Risk himself recommends making the substance at home. According to his official site, the companies are not making the product right, as he says that in order to reap the powerful medical benefits, you need to make the substance with Cannabis indica strains.

What Is RSO Supposed To Treat?

It is probably pretty obvious that the main claim behind this powerful oil is that it has the ability to treat cancer. However, this is not the only medical claim made about the substance. In fact, a number of RSO supporters have claimed that the substance can treat anything from high blood pressure to minor infections, chronic inflammation, arthritis, asthma, drug addiction, asthma, depression, and multiple sclerosis. The only problem is that there is very little evidence backing these claims. Now, that doesn’t mean that these claims aren’t real or accurate. It just means there is little evidence backing them.

Does RSO Oil Really Work?

People have the right to utilize RSO in any manner that they see fit. However, the main claim to fame with the substance is that it has powerful properties to cure cancer. The only problem is that there is little no evidence backing these claims. Once again, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t true, as researchers and scientists alike have been studying cannabis and THC as a viable cancer cure for many years. One study, in particular, published by the Molecular Cancer Therapeutics found that a combination of CBD and THC enhanced the effects of radiation therapy in rodents.

So, it seems that this powerful combination could help make standard cancer treatments more effective. And, what’s even more promising is that this isn’t the only study showing positive results. One case study published by Case Reports in Oncology explored the use of cannabis oil in a child who was suffering from a rare form of cancer. Her parents have given up on conventional treatments and decided to go with RSO. It did appear that the substance helped reduce this little girl’s specific type of cancer, but unfortunately, she died from other complications. These other complications were in no way related to the use of RSO.

As you can clearly see, this makes it hard to draw in sound conclusions as to whether or not the substance is a viable solution for cancer. There is also the off chance that some forms of cancer could respond better to cannabinoid products while others might not. There is nothing wrong with trying unconventional treatments, but it would always be highly advisable to consult your physician first, and never abruptly stop taking your prescription medication.

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