Cannabis Questions Answered – How To Dry Marijuana Correctly

Drying marijuana is a vital aspect of the marijuana growing process. Once you’ve harvested your bud, there is a good chance that you’ll want to begin enjoying it immediately. This is not a good idea. It is pertinent to be patient and give your bud plenty of time to dry. If you do not, the potency may be limited and it may not burn at all. Learning how to properly dry marijuana will make a big difference. It’ll help ensure that you’re able to get the most out of your time and energy. Within this guide, you’re going to find out how to dry marijuana correctly so you can boost your weed’s potency.

The Importance Of Drying Marijuana

Many new growers do not understand the importance of drying marijuana. If you don’t complete this crucial step, you are going to reduce the quality of your cannabis. You’ll also increase the likelihood that you’re going to run into mold and bacteria problems. Wet bud is at a much higher risk of developing mold and that can ruin your crop in a matter of days. While you’re at it, you should know that drying marijuana helps reduce the amount of chlorophyll and this ensures that you’ll receive a smoother taste and better hit.

Properly drying marijuana will increase the bud’s potency while eliminating harsh qualities that may cause a headache or cough. It will take a bit longer to sufficiently dry the marijuana but it’ll be worth it in the long run. You’ve put in months to grow your seeds and harvest the buds. You’ll want the best weed possible so that means you need to give the buds plenty of time to dry.

How Long Does It Take To Dry?

Unfortunately, it can take weed several days to dry. You want to give it sufficient time since doing so will increase the bud’s potency and ensure you receive a smooth hit. The precise amount of time it’ll take will depend on several factors including the environment you choose, temperatures, and humidity levels. It is essential to make sure that all of these attributes are perfect or you may run into problems. If you dry in higher temperatures, the bud may dry too quickly and this can limit its potency. You’ll also want to avoid low humidity areas since this will speed up the drying process as well.

On average, you can expect to wait anywhere from 5 to 10 days for your buds to dry sufficiently. Once you’ve done that, your hard work will finally pay off and you can begin enjoying the buds you’ve grown.

What Temperature And Humidity Are Best For Drying Weed?

To get optimum results, you’ll want to make sure that you’re drying the buds in the right environment. It is wise to control the humidity and temperature in the room. Also, you have to realize that the weight of the buds is going to decrease as they begin losing water. It is possible for the weight to decrease by as much as ¾ when the cuts are fully dried. The humidity in the room should remain around 50% at all times. It is best to keep the temperature around 68 to 70-degrees Fahrenheit.

While you may want to dry the weed as quickly as possible, you shouldn’t rush this process. If you dry the bud too quickly, you’re going to negatively impact its color, smell, and taste. Instead, you should give the weed plenty of time to dry so you can maintain the highest quality weed. One of the best ways to dry the weed is by keeping it in a grow tent or drying room. Be sure to use a humidity controller since the moisture in the weed is going to increase the humidity inside the tent.

Is It Okay To Dry Weed In A Microwave?

Again, you cannot rush this process since doing so is going to lead to major problems. This means that you should never try to dry weed in a microwave. While this will speed up the process significantly, it is going to diminish the weed’s potency. If you want the best buds with maximum potency and smoothness, you should keep your buds out of the microwave, oven, and food dehydrator. Using one of these devices to dry your weed is going to alter the flavor, smell, and smoothness. It is essential to keep the temperature believe 80-degree F so the buds do not dry out too quickly.

Why You Should Hang The Buds Upside Down

When trying to dry your marijuana, it is wise to hang them upside down. This is one of the best ways to dry weed without taking up too much space. You can use several coat hangers or some clothesline. Doing so will ensure that you’re able to stack several buds together. If you have plenty of room, you can dry the entire plant at once. This will slow down the process but it will make things much easier. When hanging the buds, it is important to prevent them from touching each other.

If they are, there is a higher risk that the moisture is going to remain high and this could lead to the development of mold. Be sure that you have sufficient space between the buds to prevent this from happening. If you’re looking for suitable alternatives, you can try using mesh drying racks or a cardboard box. The only downside to using a cardboard box is the fact that this will alter the taste of the weed in the future.

You’ll also need to flip the buds frequently to ensure they’re able to dry out evenly.

What Is The Best Way To Dry Marijuana?

Ultimately, there are numerous ways to dry marijuana. Finding the right method will depend on your unique situation. If you have a grow tent and you don’t plan on growing more plants, you should use it to dry your buds. This will ensure that you’re able to keep the humidity and temperature controlled at all times. Also, be sure to hang the buds upside down and prevent them from touching one another. Finally, you’ll want to give the buds at least 5 days before trying to smoke them.

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