Cannabis Questions Answered: Does Coughing Get You Higher?

Cannabis is spreading quickly all across the nation. What was once considered a schedule II narcotic is now being sold on a recreational basis to adults over the age of 21 in some areas. While there are some areas where the plant is still considered illegal, it probably really is just a matter of time before this is no longer the case. While many knew that this was just a long time coming, there are some downsides to this newfound popularity. And, some of those downsides are myths and misconceptions. Some of this might have to do with the Internet and some of it might have to do with new users. Whatever the situation is, when you have something that grows so popular so quickly, it is always going to be followed with misconceptions. Today, this article is going to explore the myth of coughing and if it actually makes you higher or not.

The Science Behind The Cough

You are probably not surprised to learn that scientists have been studying coughing and how humans cough for a long time. This is because coughing is usually related to airborne diseases and viruses. One of the unique ways that scientists and researchers tackled this task was by utilizing fiber-optic cameras and powerful computers to illuminate the flows of air during a coughing fit. And, you will be truly shocked, surprised, and maybe even a little disgusted to learn what they discovered. A human cough really is something to be reckoned with, as a single cough can fill nearly 75% of a two-liter bottle with air. However, the really disgusting part is the plume that follows. When coughing, a single individual can shoot out a plume several feet long.

Scientists were even able to clock the saliva at right around 50 miles per hour. So, when you cough, you are spitting out plumes of air and spit at 50 miles per hour. This is a pretty serious volume when you sit down and think about it. Does this mean that you get higher when you cough? If anything, you would think that it would have the opposite effect given that you are spitting all that ingested smoke back out of your lungs.

How It Could Get You Higher

You can spend hours researching this topic and you will find that there are some people that say it is true and there are some that say it isn’t true. Despite this, the majority of individuals that say it is true say that it is true because of one particular reason. And, that reason is that the cough causes the lungs to expand more than taking a deep breath does. The simple theory goes – the more your lungs are expanded, the more they can take in THC and other cannabinoids. This means that more of the substance can reach your alveoli, which are those little sacs that absorb the THC and oxygen into the bloodstream. This sounds like a pretty sound theory, right? The only problem is that it turns out not to be true.

However, this doesn’t mean that you couldn’t or done get higher when you cough. It just means that it might not be the actual act of coughing that is causing you to get higher. Instead, it is what the body has to go through to get prepared for the cough. And, this all starts with a short, sharp deep breath. After this burst of breath, the lungs rapidly compress. When this happens it forcefully sends a cracking burst of air out of the lungs and throat in a fraction of a second.

In fact, that is the main purpose of a cough. It is pretty much nothing more than a defensive technique that forces air out and away from the lungs. It blasts out irritants and other harmful particles that ignited the cough. This means that the cough isn’t actually getting you higher, but it is the short, deep breath that you take before that might. This is because short, deep breaths allow your lungs to intake higher levels of THC.

Coughing Might Not Get You Higher

As it turns out, most people were right about coughing and getting high, but they were wrong about the reason. You can actually get high from coughing, but it is not the actual cough that is getting you high. That being said, there are still some other major factors that come into play here. Unfortunately, the process described above doesn’t mean that you are going to be able to absorb more THC into the bloodstream. It only makes you feel like you are getting higher just as holding in your hits makes you feel like you are getting higher. Whether you are a veteran smoker or just starting, you have no doubt heard someone say to hold in your smoke with claims that it will make you higher.

Well, this might be the case, but you aren’t actually ingesting your bloodstream with more THC when you do this. No, you are just simply depriving your brain of oxygen, which leads to light-headedness, dizziness, and a drop in blood pressure. All things that are going to make you feel like you re higher when you actually aren’t.

How To Get Higher When Smoking

It is only natural for people to want to get higher when consuming marijuana. After all, this is the reason for consuming the substance in the first place. That being said, there are some sure-fire methods that you can put to the test the next time you are toking up with your friends. The first one is pretty obvious, but still highly underestimated. And, that would be switching up your method of consumption. Your body builds a tolerance to all things and it will eventually build a tolerance to your preferred method of smoking. Try switching things up for a change.

Another great method is to switch up your strains. There are three main strains of THC, which are the Indica, Sativa, and Hybdrids. Trying switching these up just as you would switch up your consumption methods.

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