Cannabis Questions Answered – Cannabis And Glass: Is This The Safest And Most Effective Method?

Marijuana has completely changed from what it once was. This was once a substance that was considered harmful and dangerous. That being said, there is no denying that cannabis can be dangerous in uninformed hands, but that it has also been scientifically proven that it holds great medicinal value. That aside, there is also no denying that along with the substance the methods of consumption have changed. There was a time when people only smoke or ate cannabis. This is no longer the case at all. People are now not only vaping it, but they are using oils and topical applications. Despite all of this smoking from a pipe is still one of the most preferred methods.

Smoking From A Pipe

When it comes to smoking marijuana out of a pipe, it often comes down to one choice, glass or metal? There are pipes that are constructed from wood, ceramic, and even bone, but it is the glass and metal that are the most popular amongst conventional smokers. Have you ever wondered which is better and why? The truth of the matter is that this is a complicated question with a lot of complicated answers, and it can sometimes just come down to personal preference. A rundown of the two available material might help you make a more informed decision.

The Availability And Cost

Marijuana pipes are extremely available these days. You can find both metal and glass pipes in any head shop. Heck, you can probably find them in most roadside convenience stores these days, so availability probably won’t be a problem when shopping. However, what you do need to know is that metal pipes are almost always cheaper. This could be a major deciding factor for many. If you aren’t looking to spend a whole lot of money, metal will without a doubt be your best option.

The Durability Factor

When it comes to durability there is no denying that the metal pipes take the edge. While glass pipes are much more durable than what you would imagine, they can still easily be broken or chipped if dropped on a hard surface. There really aren’t many ways that you could damage a metal pipe. You might be able to damage it if you dropped it, but the chances are slight. Keep in mind that some glass pipes are more durable than others, but under no circumstances do you ever want to drop a glass pipe. It just isn’t worth the risk.

Taking Care Of Your Pipes

It doesn’t matter if you go with a metal pipe or a glass pipe if you want it to function in the most effective way every time, you are going to need to keep it maintained. And, one of the best ways to do this is by ensuring that it is clean. A good clean pipe will ensure that you get the best flavor and aroma. And, if this is something that you care about, you will want a good clean pipe. Marijuana with better flavor and aroma usually costs more. Glass is definitely a lot easier to clean, as all it really takes is a good scrubbing to get them back to their original condition.

Metal, on the other hand, can be a bit more complicated. Not to mention that there is always the off chance of corrosion, which is something that cannot be cleaned. On a side note, the real major difference here is the accessibility. Glass pieces are all one-piece, whereas metal pipes can usually be broken down into several different components. This makes accessing and cleaning them a bit easier. Plus, it usually only takes just a few minutes to break them down and reassemble them.

Smoking Performance

Performance should always be a major concern when it comes to marijuana consumption. And, in terms of performance, a good metal pipe, as well as a glass one, should perform nearly the same. This is considering if they are both new. Of course, if one is dirtier than the other, the clean one will perform better. The real major difference, in this case, is usually the operation. A lot of glass pipes will have chokes and carbs that need to be engaged before allowing the smoke to enter your lungs. Glass pipes can be a bit more complicated to use, so it might be best for a beginner to start with a good metal pipe. However, if you never try anything new, you will never learn anything new.

Health Concerns

Glass is without a doubt the healthier of the two, and this is because there are no substances to make its way into your smoke. Corroded metal, if imbued in your smoke, can pose a number of significant health risks. On that note, this can most of the time be avoided by opting for stainless steel pipes. Glass pipes are not only less harsh on the lungs, but they stay cooler for longer periods of time because their materials aren’t as heat conductive. If you are planning on smoking large amounts of marijuana in a large crowd of individuals, your best option will be glass. You will avoid burning your lips and hands.

Other Methods Of Consumption

People have gotten pretty inventive over the years and come up with some very creative ways to consume marijuana. You walk into any dispensary or head shop and you will likely see all kinds of equipment that you are unfamiliar with. You will probably also see some that you are familiar with, as the classics are classic and will always be timelessly popular.


Bongs have been around for a while now and still remain largely popular. These are pretty much a type of water pipe that can range in size and design. The neat thing about these designs is that they use the water to filter and cool the smoke before you inhale it, making it smoother and safer. The water removes some of the carcinogens found in the smoke. This method also provides a fast, intensive high which is something you can’t go wrong with.

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