Cannabis Questions Answered – Can Leaves Get You High?

Cannabis Leaves

There is a good chance that you love smoking marijuana. This isn’t a problem until you’ve smoked your entire supply. Now, you can’t find your dealer and you’re eager to catch a buzz. This can be problematic and it might convince you to do something foolish. For instance, you may think about smoking the stems and leaves. Is this something you should do? Or, you should avoid smoking the leaves? Ultimately, smoking marijuana leaves is a bad idea. Within this guide, you’ll find out why this is the case and you’ll discover other ways to use them.

What Is Smoked?

If you’re new to marijuana, you may be mistaken. You may suspect that the marijuana leaf is the part of the plant that people smoke. This is not the case. While you may be able to smoke the leaf, most people prefer smoking the bud. This is the part of the plant that contains most of the THC. If you want the biggest impact, you’ll want to stick with the bud. If you’ve packed a bowl or rolled a joint, you’ll know that you’re using the bud that came from the cannabis plant and not the leaf.

Types Of Leaves

When you look at a marijuana plant, you’ll see that they feature a handful of leaves. They’re different in various ways. You’ll see the fan leaves. These are the leaves that are frequently featured on t-shirts and hats. Some people get tattoos of marijuana fan leaves on their arm or chest. You also have sugar leaves and trimmings. The sugar leaves are located close to the buds. When you harvest the buds and cut away the leaves, you’re dealing with the sugar leaves.

They’re covered in trichomes and those contain THC. Since they contain a lot of trichomes, you can smoke the sugar leaves. You likely won’t get stoned as much as you would with buds but you can still get high. With the fan leaves, you likely aren’t going to get high at all. These leaves are located further from the bud so they’re not covered with trichomes.

They might have some THC but it’ll be very small amounts.

Cannabis Leaves THC Content

Research has shown that cannabis leaves can have anywhere between zero to four percent THC and CBD. In the cannabis world, this potency level is extremely low, which is the plant’s leaves not the best for human consumption. Yes, people do utilize the leaves for smoking and ingredients and cannabis-based edibles but that is about as far as it goes. If you want to get a long-lasting “high”, you will need to opt for the buds instead.

Unfortunately, not all commercial-grade cannabis void of its leaves. Some farmers will try to harvest the entire cannabis plant to ensure a high yield. Commercial growers tend to trim the leaves from their cannabis plant to ensure high potency. But, do not be surprised if you find a few leaves in your container of commercial-grade cannabis because there may be a few that got past the commercial growers.

What To Do With your Cannabis Leaves

If you are one of those growers who demand little to no waste, you can always utilize your cannabis leaves to create delicious edibles. Again, cannabis leaves do not contain a high percentage of THC or CBD but they can turn ordinary food into something unique.


Hash is a term utilized to define concentrated forms of marijuana. It has been utilized for decades by Indian tribes to treat various illnesses and generate euphoria. To make hash, you will need a stiff card, dry cannabis leaves, multiple silk-screen filters, a bucket, ice, and water. The idea is to put the dry cannabis leaves through a process known as ice water filtration. This process helps separate the resins from the materials that are known as waste.

Once the cannabis has undergone the ice water filtration process, you will need to blend and dry it. Once this is done, you will have enough hash to share with friends and family for several weeks.

Other Ways To Consume

In general, it is not a good idea to smoke marijuana leaves. However, there might be other ways to take advantage of the plant material. For instance, you might be able to transform the leaves into edibles or hash. One of the best ways to make marijuana edibles is by using trimmings. The only thing to remember is that you’ll have to use a lot more leaves than you would buds. It can be difficult to create edibles using leaves since you’ll have a tougher time trying to determine the strength. This is not a perfect substitute for buds but it is a good way to use the leftovers.

Another alternative is turning the trim into hash. Using bubble hash is one of the easiest methods. It is best to stick with this method unless you’ve received proper lab training and understand how to use solvents and such.

Should You Eat Weed Leaves?

Many people believe they’re going to get a big high from eating weed leaves. Is this going to happen? Ultimately, you likely won’t get any benefit from eating weed leaves. They might contain some THC but it will likely be slim to none. Therefore, you’ll have to eat pounds and pounds of weed leaves to get desirable results. This is one of the worst ways to get high from cannabis. The majority of the THCa will not convert into THC since it will pass through the digestive system.

You can experiment with it but you’ll likely end up wasting your time.

Smoking The Leaves At Different Times

You can smoke leaves at different times of the plant’s life. For instance, you can wait until you’ve cured the bud. This will ensure the leaves have the highest level of THC content. You can wait until you’re ready to harvest the buds too. Finally, you may want to smoke the buds before you begin flowering the plant. The possibilities are endless but the THC content will be highest after the buds have been dried and cured. Nevertheless, the THC content in leaves will be very low.

Unless you’re going to be eating or smoking a lot of leaves, it isn’t worth the time.

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