Can CBD Help Take the Edge off Your Hangover?

CBD is a great option for treating many different serious aliments. Some of these aliments include depression anxiety and even eating disorders. In our opinion the best form of CBD to use is Broad Spectrum. Broad spectrum has all cannabinoids from the hemp plant except for the psychoactive cannabinoids known as THC.

Symptoms from a hangover are quite unpleasant, some of them include; extreme thirst, fatigue, trouble sleeping, shortness of breath, headache, nausea and dizziness. If these symptoms are intense, you may have to go to the emergency room and receive treatment. Alcohol poisoning is a serious thing and can wreak havoc on your body if not treated immediately.

Scientifically, What is a Hang Over?

Scientifically, a hang over really is your body’s response to consuming alcohol. You see, when you drink alcohol in excess, your body tries to fight it. Your body’s response is to release proteins called cytokines. Cytokines are proteins that are released by your immune system when it thinks it’s under attack. In this case, the threat to your body is the alcohol.

But what really causes the hangover symptoms that you experience such as headaches, nausea and dizziness is inflammation. Alcohol is generally toxic, therefore your body attacks the hangover much like it would attack a flu.

How Should you Treat the Hangover?

Many people have come up with their own methods for treating symptoms of a hangover. Some of these “macro made” hangover cures can include odd mixtures of protein powders and raw eggs, or massaging certain parts of the body. The problem is many of these items are not backed with facts. The following are time-tested ways to help ease symptoms of a hangover:

·      Drink lots of water to rehydrate.

·      Eat foods with carbohydrates to curb continued effects.

·      Treat with Ibuprofen.

·      Take a dose of CBD to reduce inflammation.

One of the reasons CBD is such as great treatment for a hangover is because of its inflammation treating properties. When CBD is in a cream form, it can be applied to different areas of the body and start working within 15 minutes. Also, the relief can last for up to 15 hours without reapplication. But for a hangover cure, we recommend using CBD gummies or capsules.

The Game Changer:

Here’s the trick to the WHOLE process. This is the game changer for treating the hangover! Stop treating the symptoms of the hangover the morning after the night of drinking. Instead, start “getting ahead” of the symptoms and treating while you still have some alcohol in your system.

This is the perfect treatment plan for after you get back from a night of drinking. Start with a tall glass of water, drink it down fully. Next, get your medication ready. We have seen the best success with two or three Ibuprofen, a few hundred milligrams of CBD and another tall glass of water to wash it all down. These items must be taken the night before. If done properly, you will wake up with no hangover symptoms whatsoever.

Medical Professionals:

We are not certified medical professionals, we are not speaking from scientific research that we have completed. But, we are speaking from experience.  We have come home after that night of drinking and asked ourselves “how are we going to beat this hangover?” then tried the combination of the items discussed and experienced great relief the morning after the drinking.

Even though we have not conducted research ourselves, a cannabinoid analysis conducted by scientific researchers considered CBD to be “extremely interesting” substance that reduced vomiting and intestinal inflammation. CBD works to reduce the urge to vomit and reduce nausea by reducing the amount of serotonin that your body releases.

What Alcohol Should You Drink?

Many people don’t know this, but the hangover you get the next morning is quite dependent what alcohol you decided to ingest. The best alcohol you can ingest to avoid a hangover the next morning is Vodka. Reason being, vodka is a light colored liquor that contains less congeners than a darker liquor such as whiskey or scotch.  Congeners are substances other than the alcohol in the liquor. A good way to look at Congeners is basically they are contaminates in the alcohol. Whisky and scotch have a lot of congeners (hence the darker color) while vodka has fewer (hence the LIGHTER color).

Ultimately the absolute best way to avoid a hangover is to not drink!! But lets get realistic here (haha), if you’re an adult over the age of 21 you deserve to relax and have a drink, just remember if you ever have too much to drink, you can reach for some water to hydrate up ad some CBD gummies or capsules to control the inflammation that the liquor caused.

Please continue to look around at other informational posts here on Soft Green Glow. It is very important that the CBD products you buy are quality products. Today in the CBD industry, it is common for the uneducated consumer to get ripped off!

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